Monday, 15 September 2014

“big easy - covent garden”

Hey guys, I hope you are well!

Jasmin decided to text me at some ungodly hours asking if I wanted to eat out the next day, and there was no way I was going to decline.

So where was our destination…? BIG EASY in Covent Garden. Now to be honest this isn't our first time eating here, however it was our first time picking a daily special. It was Tuesday so the deal was Limitless Shrimp YES YOU’RE READING CORRECTLY.. LIMITLESS! served with fries, slaw and a cocktail for only £16.95 per person

Oh and because we were feeling a little greedy, we both ordered mac and cheese on the side. 

We actually double checked with the waitress that it really was really limitless and she said “yeah”. Whenever we were ready for the second round all we had to do was tell her.  So we braced ourselves and went for it. OMG if only you was our faces when the food came. Shrimp? More like lobster tails or shrimp on steroids. It was massive!! (not complaining). We didn't even eat the chips it was so filling. Just to prove a point because it was limitless we had three rounds!

Personally when it came to the second and third round they weren't very consistent in having the same amount of shrimp in each portion. I would have 6 shrimps in my basket  and Jasmin would have 4 anyhow it really didn't matter. After the second round it did become sickly, we were stuffed. 

We recommend everyone to go big easy. The fish dishes are amazing, but I can’t say  the same for the meat dishes only because we both haven't tried it yet. Personally we would book before hand  only because it can get very busy, even on week days. Ohhh and before we forget there is also a Big Easy restaurant in Chelsea but the menu is different and of course the prices too.

I hope you all enjoyed our first blog. 
“You don't need a silver fork to eat good food”  Paul Prudhomme

Love always AJ.

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