Sunday, 15 February 2015

in Shoreditch - Free Range Chicken & Fried

Jasmin wasn’t here for this one but she has eaten here before and did not like it at all, in fact she said she wouldn't go back. However this is my personal thoughts on BIRD. Quite a few people have been ranting about how great this place is and that I need to visit.  So I thought fine I’ll try it out and I went for someone birthday lunch.  I was being nosy on Instagram to see what people were saying and it was very black and white. People either love it or hate it. Personally I liked it, it could have been better but it will do I guess for a quick spot to eat at.  I wouldn't go for my birthday or  anything special.

What we ordered…

Drinks – Ginger Beer & Black Cherry Soda (They do have cocktails for £7.50)

Starters- 12 wings to share with Gochujang (Hot & Sweet sauce). I personally liked it a lot, thought I would be different I’m always eating the original buffalo sauce. Gochujang sauce tasted like sweet and sour from the Chinese shop, but less sour and more sweet. (That was the best way I could describe the taste).

Main- Mu Su Crispy fried chicken £7 – It was like ordering crispy aromatic duck at the Chinese shop but instead of duck it was fried chicken. I thought it was decent, nothing to scream about but it was nice. I must say it surprisingly hit the spot, I was so full. I have no idea why I got chips as a side because those wings plus my main was more than enough.

Main 2 (Not for me) - Chicken & waffle burger £12 - Two boneless thighs, with bacon, American cheese, hot sauce, and Canadian maple syrup between two cheddar and onion waffles. I can’t make a judgment on the taste because I didn’t try it. 

I can’t lie before I came I had it in my head I wanted to try this chicken waffle burger since I see similar dishes on shows like Man V Food (If you know about this show you’ll know exactly what I mean ) but when I got there it looked so sickly I chickened out.

There was dessert on the menu but we were too full to try any. When I go again I definitely want to try The Ice Cream Doughnut Sandwich which is one scoop of vanilla sandwiched in one of today’s doughnuts with fresh whipped cream, chocolate and caramel sauce. £4

They also do breakfast if you feel like going early for some waffles and bacon!

It was very easy to get there, if you know Hoxton Square you can cut through and be at BIRD in 2 minutes. There was only one waitress that day, not sure why but she wasn’t overwhelmed and still delivered a great service. Oh before I forget they had wet wipes which I was excited about lol I know that’s random but the food got a little messy and tissue doesn’t always so the job. So I was happy about that. Overall I would go again, I'm not rushing back soon but I would go and try something different. I would give it 6/10.

 Love Aisha from AJ

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