Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Its been a while sorry!

Its been a while since we've posted sorry! But we are constantly putting pictures up on Instagram so make sure you follow us there. This blog post is going to be quite short. First of all Jasmin wasn't here for this one, but we will probably visit together another time.

So I (Aisha) recently visited TURTLE BAY in Ealing right by the shopping centre  First off we did book a table but typical us we were late. However there were no problems what so ever we got a seat as soon as we got there without waiting.

I must say the decor and atmosphere is stunning! Very bright and vibrant and the staff were very patient and helpful. We got there before happy hour finished which was a bonus; the cocktails are soooooooo good like really good.   (PS I would recommend REGGIE RUM PUNCH)  Most people there looked like they came for the drinks only to be honest.

I order Jerk Pit Prawns and I loved it, wished there were more prawns. All starters were £4.95 however it could go up depending on the dish.

For main we both got Jerk Pit burger with sweet potato fries. It was a little disappointing, I preferred my starter but it wasn't horrible. Maybe I should have chosen something more exciting than a burger. Ohh let me not forget we order plantain on the side and were surprised to see a bowl full of plantain. They were very generous we couldn't even finish it.

I would go back the cocktails really did make my night. I know this was so short but I had to make this quick lol.

Love AJ


Happy Hour EVERY DAY 
12:00 - 19:00 & 22:00 - CLOSE

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